Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big day tomorrow

For me, it's a big day because it's my last day of Ob/gyn, and after 6 weeks in NY, I'm finally going back home! I would like to thank Flushing for the broken window, stolen GPS, and parking ticket. Only one more day tomorrow in clinic, spending most of the time staring at the wall because I don't speak the right language. It's a little awkward doing a pap smear, vaginal exam, and breast exam on someone you can't talk to, but that's the life of an ob/gyn student in Flushing!

However, for thousands of brand new residents across the country, tomorrow is an even bigger day! Every year, July 1st is the day that every new intern starts residency, all across the country. If you think about it, it's a little scary. According to some reports, hospital death rates jump up to 10% in July! After 4 years in medical school, where every patient encounter is closely monitored and you're not really responsible for much, you're all of the sudden a doctor, and the patients are YOUR patients! It's a scary thought, and exactly a year away for me. So, best of luck to all of the new residents tomorrow!

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Boggles the mind said...

I haven't even started med school and that thought constantly runs through my mind; the patients are suddenly YOUR patients. You are the one that makes the final decision. :) I saw your blog from Value MD.