Saturday, July 17, 2010

preparing for the step 2 CK

Of course, I don't have the results for Step 2 CS yet, but I've really put that out of my mind for the time being. For now, i'm focusing most of my energy on CK (the 9-hour multiple choice exam). I've been studying almost exclusively with USMLEWorld, and then using StepUp to Medicine to go over the topics I'm not doing as well in. I think I'm on pace to complete the Q-bank in the next week or so, and then I'll have time to go through all the questions I get wrong again. I'm also taking notes as I go through the Q-bank, and I go through them pretty much every day. Everyone I talk to always says the most important thing you can do is questions, and I'm trying to do more than I've done for any exam in the past, so I'm really hoping this strategy pays off for me.

Yesterday, I took the day off to go out on a boat with the family, my mom's friend from college (I think), and her kids. Being out on the water was definitely a nice break from sitting at my desk doing questions. But, now I'm paying for it by sitting inside on a beautiful Saturday. The one thing getting me through it is knowing that this is the last exam sitting between me and graduating med school!

So, a few more hours of studying today, and then crabs for dinner tonight!

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